FlamencoMetronome.com is on hiatus while the metronomes
(and their distribution system) are being revised.

Online metronomes can still be found at RavennaFlamenco.com. New metronomes, made with even more awesome (and with the same amount of "free"!), will be available summer 2012-ish.

The Flamenco Metronome is a multimedia practice tool for flamenco dancers, guitarists, and percussionists. Click on the video for an overview of what the Flamenco Metronome looks like in various palos.


I am currently revising these metronomes to include better support across devices and a wider range of features (many of them suggested by you!). Until the next version of the Flamenco Metronome is out, please do check out the streaming version of the metronome at RavennaFlamenco.com.